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What does the Piedmont Triad Film Commission do? 
The official mission statement of the Piedmont Triad Film Commission is to create job opportunities, generate revenues, elevate regional visibility, and advocate economic development within the Piedmont Triad counties.  These goals are accomplished by promoting and marketing the twelve-county Piedmont Triad region in order to recruit and facilitate the creation, production and filming of motion pictures, television programs and visual commercial advertisements with the region.

The film office serves as a resource to filmmakers providing an extensive photographic library, location scouting and pre-production and production assistance.  We have helped find affordable office space and housing for visiting film companies as well as acted as the liaison with local governments.  The locations photo archive includes thousands of photos that cover a range of locations of visible landmarks as well as residential neighborhoods, farms, lakes, industrial parks and college campuses.  Recruiting films doesn’t require a costly upfront investment and brings outside investment in to the community.  The film commission is a member of AFCI, the Association of Film Commissions International. 

The film commission does not fund films, produce films or distribute films.  The office does not serve as an employment agency or talent agency.  It does post free listings of crew contact information on its website and in its annual production guide. 
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How can I list my property as a potential location?  Would I be paid a rental fee if my property is used in a film? 
Thank you for your interest in listing with the film office. We rely on home and business owners to cooperate with filmmakers as these production companies come to the region and hire many locals and spend money on a myriad of businesses. Professional film production companies will pay to rent homes, businesses, and other locations.

If you have a digital camera, please take exterior shots of your home, business or property including:

• a shot of the front of the property
• a shot from the front of the property towards the front yard and then same with the back side of the property
• all property, including interior shots if it’s a business establishment or home (often best taken with a wide lens from opposite corners of a room).
• add any other interesting shots of and around the property

Please email photos of your property to info@piedmontfilm.com.  Please include your contact information (name, address, home phone and cell phone) and a description of the location.  
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I want to be an actor.  How do I get started? 
There are many local classes offered for acting. It’s best, if you have no experience, to first take lessons or try acting for regional theaters. If you have experience, your best bet for acting jobs is contacting a talent agency for representation.

Piedmont Triad Acting Classes and Community Theaters
Altair’s Casting & Production Services, LLC 336-725-0808
Carolina’s Acting Group 336-201-6051
Community Theater of Greensboro 336-333-7470
Stained Glass Playhouse – 336-661-4949
Triad Actor’s Co-op 336-510-8501
Twin City Stage 336-725-4531
Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance – 336-723-7777

Talent Agencies
Artists Resource Agency, Inc. 336-349-6167
Directions Talent Agency, Inc. 336-292-2800
Marilyn’s, Inc. 336-292-5950
The Burns Agency 336-744-5037
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How can I be an extra?
When a production company comes to town, they will set up a production office and hire an extras casting coordinator.  You can check our website’s Facebook posts or news tab and also the NC Film Office website, www.ncfilm.com, for information on projects being filmed in NC. If contact information is not provided, it is because the production has not opened an office or has not yet allowed the release of that information.  Please do not send headshots to our office.  
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I want to contact the production companies directly. How can I do that, and why is it so hard to get the phone numbers and/or address?
Production offices are extremely busy and cannot field hundreds of calls from job seekers as they are preparing to film. That is why most film production companies provide fax numbers only. Production companies are not trying to avoid you; they are simply trying to do their work and control interruptions. The film commission will provide a fax number or email address to crew for the production company only if they provide it to us for that purpose.
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I’m a film school student.  How can your office help me?
The film office can provide assistance in gaining permission to shoot at city and county sites, give you information on road closure procedures, and with any special production resources not available within your film school.  We are also happy to help advise you about locations in the region. However, many locations registered with our office will only allow filmmaking on their premises with a location fee and production insurance that professional companies will provide.  Location choices may be more limited for student filmmakers without a locations budget.  We are proud of the film school programs in our region and make every effort, time permitting, to assist their productions.  
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If I don’t qualify for the film incentive, can your office still help me?
The film incentive applies to films with a minimum budget of $250,000.  The film office will provide support for films with any size budget.  
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If I plan to shoot a film, television show or commercial in the Triad, do I need to register with the film commission?  Am I required to contact the film office?
You are not required to check in with us, but we strongly encourage you to contact our office before you begin filming. We can offer information and assistance with your project, and we will keep your information confidential unless you request otherwise.

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Are there any film festivals in North Carolina where I can submit my work?
We are proud to have several prestigious film festivals in the Piedmont Triad and throughout NC. Below is a list of just a few.

Asheville Film Festival
Carolina Film and Video Festival
Cucalorus Film Festival
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
RiverRun International Film Festival
Real to Reel International Film Festival
Revolve Film and Music Festival
Reynolda Film Festival
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How can I be listed in the production guide?
You must have at least 3 professional credits in a specific technical role, etc. to be listed in that category on our website and in our production guide. If you qualify you can add youself to the database here.
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If I want to work in the film industry and have no experience how do I get started?  Are there internships available?
If you have no experience, please send us a resume and we will keep it on file as some production companies are willing to hire someone with little to no experience as production assistants. For your first production job (without any prior training or experience) it is recommended that you volunteer your assistance while you gain experience and began to make connections with other professional crew within the region.

Many production companies will reach out to local film programs within the region’s universities, colleges, and community colleges seeking out interns for projects.
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Are there any film school programs in our region? 
We are fortunate to have several respected film school programs in the Piedmont Triad region. While there are many area universities and colleges that offer film courses, here are links to the Universities and Community Colleges that offer a degree in film:

• University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) School of Filmmaking
• University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNC-G) Department of Media Studies
• Wake Forest University (Communication Department and new Documentary Film Program)
• High Point University (School of Communication)
• Elon University (School of Communication)
• Piedmont Community College (Associate degree in Film & TV Production)
• Guilford Technical Community College (Larry Gatlin School of Entertainment)
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Can the film office help me find funding for a project?
We do not help individuals or companies find local money for film projects. However we have developed the following list of grants and other funding sources that are available for filmmakers.

Grants available for NC filmmakers

North Carolina Arts Council

Global Film Initiative

Princess Grace Foundation

Roy W. Dean Film and Video Grants

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County

United Arts Council of Greensboro

National Endowment for the Arts

Ford Foundation

MoxieDocs Co-production Awards

The Fledgling Fund

Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund

MacArthur Foundation

Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting


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