The official mission statement of the Piedmont Triad Film Commission is to create job opportunities, generate revenues, elevate regional visibility, and advocate economic development within the Piedmont Triad counties.  These goals are accomplished by promoting and marketing the twelve-county Piedmont Triad region in order to recruit and facilitate the creation, production and filming of motion pictures, television programs and visual commercial advertisements with the region.

The film office serves as a resource to filmmakers providing an extensive photographic library, location scouting and pre-production and production assistance.  We have helped find affordable office space and housing for visiting film companies as well as acted as the liaison with local governments.  The locations photo archive includes thousands of photos that cover a range of locations of visible landmarks as well as residential neighborhoods, farms, lakes, industrial parks and college campuses.  Recruiting films doesn’t require a costly upfront investment and brings outside investment in to the community.  The film commission is a member of AFCI, the Association of Film Commissions International. 

The film commission does not fund films, produce films or distribute films.  The office does not serve as an employment agency or talent agency.  It does post free listings of crew contact information on its website and in its annual production guide.